Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our outdoor thermometer reads 55 deg C!

Better explain, the temperature gauge is at the side of our house which is sheltered from wind and has the sun on it all afternoon, so hence the reading!

This is the life - zonked out in the shade! Here's Allie, more or less back to normal, still a little shaky after his recent hiccup but obviously taking it very easy in his recovery!

Here's another shot - I just can't resist him.

Jasper decided to curl up under the Landrover to get as much shade as possible. As for the other two (pets I mean), Billy and Herrance are in their shady homes with bottles of half icy water to snuggle up to. An idea I pinched from Pets at Home, where all the baby rabbits and guinea pigs were fighting to get close to it!

As for us humans, staying in doors as much as possible was the only way of keeping cool today. I couldn't believe how quickly the washing dried this morning - in under 1/2 hour!

Oh I wish we had a huge outdoor swimming pool with waiters to bring ice cold drinks (with straws and umbrellas) all day long - that would be great. Dream, dream, dream. Oh well, back down to earth - need to get tea for the kids now!


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