Monday, July 10, 2006

Our fun weekend

After a quick visit to see Paul's Uncle and Aunt from Holland at the in-laws home on Saturday morning, we decided to check out the local pick-your-own not far from us. Took Elsie Mo (the Landie) there and were amazed to see so many other families picking fruit. Not only this but there's a weekend butcher there, a stall selling home grown picked vegetables and herbs, cafe and wonderful play area too. K and I set off to find some raspberries, P and B went to get some strawberries. This was a great afternoon. K really enjoyed herself (she loves anything to do with the country) and a bargain too compared to Sainsbury's!

Home to bake a sponge cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberry, raspberry and blueberry filling - yum, yum.

Sunday we took Elsie Mo off-roading - here's a couple of pics. We thought the weather was going to change and be wet, which, as we'd planned for a barbeque, wasn't what we were hoping for! However, after the initial few drops of rain the sky cleared and was pretty warm, but quite windy. Anyway, Elsie Mo, naturally coped extremely well with the ups and downs of the old quarry. We all had a fab time, everyone there seemed friendly too. Kids enjoyed climbing large piles of bricks and stone as much as the thrills of riding through dips, mud, steep banks and hills.

K made this rather cute little pony from Fimo and is now making a rider too. Fimo's brilliant (as long as you don't forget it's cooking in the oven - which often happens in our house), much better than clay (which we find always breaks).

Today we continued with the Tudors - on to Jane Seymour now. We recapped on the kind of smelly smells that would have been around during this time, picked some of the wonderful lavender outside our house and the kids sewed lavender bags. K's sewing has come really well, with neat close stitching. B used measuring jugs in the bath to learn more about litres and millilitres and then measured out some cold water to add to our home-made lemonade (which was so refreshing). We've nearly finished Peter Pan and the picture storyboards. Went to the library to stock up on even more reading material for K (she read three books in one night recently!). Dug out the CD to the film "Spirit" and had a good old sing-a-long and then B and I started watching the film - it's so lovely, it's got to be one of my favourites. Now time to rest!


At 5:39 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

Glad you all enjoyed fruit picking. We still haven't managed to find anywhere round here that does anything other than strawberries and I really wanted to pick some raspberries. How is Allie getting on?


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