Sunday, July 02, 2006

My energy has been zapped!

Not feeling too great. Either this weather is so humid I've got a bit of hayfever or I've come down with a summer cold. Tired out too!

K had a sleepover on Saturday night and we dropped her and a friend off at the birthday girl's house for Saturday lunch time and then we had a lovely picnic lunch at the near by shopping centre. It was great there, deckchairs had been put out for the public to use and there's loads of green space, water features and woodland areas. B loves water so this was right up his street. We watched a mother duck with her young swimming round the little rivers and then saw two young moorhen (never seen these before). Anyway, afternoon turned into a bit of a shopping spree which got hubby abit upset as I'd already told him we shouldn't spend any money, but there were such bargains to be had, how can a girl resist!

Suddenly realised the time and "flew" back to P's brother's house to watch the all important footie. Was passed a rather refreshing, but very alcholic pimms and gin (exactly how much gin was in the glass I'm not too sure, but it certainly did the trick), and watched the footie and my m-i-l enjoy her three glasses of Pimms and fall asleep! Commiserations all round, obviously, at the end of the footie, followed by a wonderful barbeque and a very wet water fight! Left their house with my nephew ready for his first sleepover at our house. He and B are practically the same age and get on like a house on fire. We let them stay up until about 11.00 and then put them in B's room and said they could play but to stay put and not wander around the house! By this time P and I were exhausted and needed our rather hot and stuffy beds. Kids were up and about, some chatter (and tears) about ghosts, but we finally had a quiet house about 12 - 12:30 a.m.! P and I just couldn't sleep, it was far too hot and with all the windows wide open every noise outside kept us awake. P's car alarm went off for some strange reason at 4:45 a.m. and woke the boys up who were wideawake and downstairs getting their own breakfasts. Must say they were very good and kept very quiet until I got up around 8 ish.

K returned home about lunchtime looking like a thunder storm was brewing! So today I feel pretty groggy, as does P, B and K all from lack of sleep. The heat has really zapped us all too, so a very slobby day and early nights all round.

Bye for now!


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