Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"It's not dirt, it's fun"

What a lovely afternoon. Three children from the HE group and then the youngster from over the road came by at 4 p.m. to play so the kids, and I, had a good time.

When A from over the road turned up, the house erupted. Although the 3 HE kiddies hadn't met him before, they got together straight away to have a noisy pillow and cushion fight in the bedrooms for about 1/2 hour! Switched my ears off and got on the PC for a bit.

Once the 3 had left, A stayed behind and as usual he and B played with the water canal outside (which now had green algae in it, but who care's ah!), and they extended their play by introducing sand to the canal system. For once I didn't say "no", I just let them carry on because they were having such a fantastic, imaginative, cooperative time. When they finished and came inside to wash their hands (sand is as bad as glitter, it gets everywhere and stays everywhere for weeks, no matter how much you clear it up), I casually mentioned, looking at the canal system "that looks a bit like a disaster!". B answered "Mum, it's not dirt, it's fun and fun's good right?" - well who's been watching too many adverts on TV then? "Yep, fun is good, but I'm not Persil" I had to reply.

Well, I've left the "disaster" as I'm sure if I start to clear it all away, they'll be back for more dirty fun. Good for you B - yes, dirt and fun do go together and it's so nice to see kids having fun together like this.


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