Thursday, June 15, 2006

What we've done today

K didn't get much sleep last night, and has the snuffles this morning, so we didn't follow our usual idea of a work session!

Looked up on the net the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to find out about it. We drove past it at the weekend and I must admit we didn't think much of it close up (in fact it was really hard to find when driving close by it), but you can certainly see if from a long way off which is always impressive. Anyway, this site has some details - it's 170m tall - not that big really compared to other structures in the UK (let alone the world). Kids drew a 1cm to 10m scale drawing of it and then we decided to check out some other tall buildings. The London skyline photos on this site show some beautiful examples, K thought the "Gherkin" in London was great. B explored further and looked for tallest buildings in America - loving the Chrysler Building (details found here). Both drew their chosen structures to scale and noted their heights in metres. Briefly checked out the tallest buildings in the world (we've covered this before) and B especially enjoyed looking at the different styles of structure.

Went food shopping and then packed a quick picnic to drive to our usual park to eat at "Rabbit Creak" (K and B's nickname). We watched all the dragon flies flitting around and discussed mating (as most were doing this). Also talked about the variety of water plants that had appeared since our last visit - we also noticed the taddies had gone - we hadn't checked on them for a couple of weeks. Paid a quick visit to the garden centre to have play on the swings, check out the weird names of some of the plants, compare smells of the huge variety of roses, see what stock of rabbits and guinea pigs were available and discuss why some fish are cold water and other need heaters (B thought the thermometer was in case they got ill - sweet). When in the car the subjects of the environment (what it is) and how cars are causing damage to it cropped up, as did the topic of why we need to drink water to stop ourselves dehydrating and getting headaches.

Watched England play Trinidad & Tobago and talked about how T&T was a member of the Commonwealth. Like most kids after this match (in our area anyhow), went out and played footie afterwards!


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