Thursday, June 08, 2006

Last couple of days

Why is Blogger sooooo slow? Couldn't get on yesterday and this evening it's really bad! Drives me mad (actually it probably drives my hubby more mad 'cos I'm constantly ranting about it!).

Any way, couldn't get on last night, so quick update for Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday: spent most of the day outside - one of the joys of teaching at home I guess! Maths ran smoothly this morning and B asked to do more and more as we're recapping on telling the time and he's pretty good at it, even when it comes to the 24 hour clock. On the theme of Tudors, we all made so lovely illuminated letters (although we didn't have any gold paint, used yellow instead), the idea was taken from a history projects book I'd picked up last year. Talked about how the monks used to painstakingly decorate their work taking such care and time to ensure it is beautifully done - no printers around in their time! We overcame a huge hurdle with B this afternoon and all went to see Curious George at the cinema. B's never set foot inside a cinema before, and we've always had tears and tantrums about going, but today, as P was home too, we decided to go as a "surprise" (sounds really cruel, but it worked). Felt a bit sorry for him to start with as he was excited about where we may be going and his face crumpled when we drove into the cinema car park. After the initial kicking and screaming, we managed it and thoroughly enjoyed the film, as well all did. I think it was made for us home edders in mind - wonderful line near the end saying how people can't learn by reading lists of facts, they need to get out and explore to learn! Yep, we certainly do! Went to the park early evening and P took this beautiful photo which he sent in to the BBC Weather hoping to get it put up on their site.

Thursday: Last night the BBC said rain for today, luckily they were wrong (again), we've had glorious hot weather, although it did take a while to pick up. Not so good maths today. No more telling the time and back to simple recapping tests. B stumbled on a very simple fill the gap numberline that went up in ones - just couldn't see it until I pointed it out (after a few "words"). As always with both of them, it's the really simple things that throw them. Anyway, B wanted to do more illuminated letters so I encouraged them to write a simple poem about Henry VIII and then use the first letter as the illuminated letter - good work all round. Also chatted about Henry VIII and the Navy, the Church and the Mary Rose. Had a look at the Mary Rose website for a guided tour and found out what life was like back then on board. B wanted to do more fun games so I pointed him and K to the jousting game here which kept them happy for a while and then to designing a coat of arms here. B was hungry for more so I set him up with this new found wonderful website with lots of educational, fun games. He found one from the Science Museum that kept him going for a long time. Eventually encouraged him to stop and got them both to do some drawing while I continued to read Peter Pan to them. Getting into this now and the kids love it. K updated her Medieval tack and rider to take tomorrow for our group Medieval session. She's also been busy sorting out her model horse postal show entries - there are loads! K's also decided to write a book of horse stories based around one of her models. Went off to the park again for a footie session and a couple of lads joined in. They were far better than us and I think it made B think abit about perhaps have a few lessons. We'll see what happens! As P was home early this afternoon (he'd had an exam this morning), I was lucky enough to do the weekly grocery shop by myself (yippee!) and then have a few hours shopping in town hunting down some new shoes etc.

Bye for now.


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