Friday, June 02, 2006

Bits and pieces

Not much to say about the rest of this week. Although it's half term for schools, we decided to carry on as usual here (although we did skip maths this week!). We've done some more of our Tudors topic, plus we've put chicken bones in vinegar (apparently it softens them), learnt about Dragon Boat festival traditions, started watching the second batch of baby blackbirds in the garden, cared for the veggies + lots of either bits and pieces that happen day to day.

We read a book titled "Smelly Old Tudors", which is quite discusting, but the kids made me read it all to hear the gorey details about the plague, throwing waste out of windows, rotton toes falling off (and teeth falling out), etc., etc. (makes me feel ill even writing about it). Have also started to learn about Henry VIII. In a recent blog I mentioned that we'd come across a life size portrait of Henry at Belvoir Castle and that he looked quite shortl (possibly as people were smaller in those days), however, I was totally wrong. It turns out Henry was 192cm tall, so rather strapping really. We found lots of interesting things about him, and his wives on this website, listened to a couple of ballads that Henry was supposed to have written (B really likes this style of music), and started a Henry VIII and wives mobile.

Weather today was delightful, so we packed up a pizza picnic (we can't stand sandwiches) and dragged P away from the office for lunch in the park by the river. Had a lovely time and even got the chance to rescue a little terrier dog who missed his footing, fell down a muddy bank and ended up in the water! Kids did a spot of fishing ... for weeds ... using their nets and then home for K's horse riding.

Took the lovely old Landrover in for it's MOT today (it has been off-road for two years while P has been "fixing" it) and was amazed to hear that it only failed on it's exhaust (which we knew needed fixing). We imaged it would come out of the garage with a list as long as you arm of things to put right! We all love the Landy and enjoy using it for off-roading. We're hoping to use it to go camping this summer. P has a blog about it, although he doesn't really update it that often!

Have got round to putting a couple of items up on Ebay to sell, check them out here (one's a gorgeous princess/fairy dress with wings - it is so pretty but K's decided to part with it now, although she has hardly used it). I find it takes an age to add items for sale, it's almost a chore! Also, cleaned the house (yep, again!) as more visitors coming tomorrow!

I'm off to sit in the garden with a nice cuppa (although it's getting a bit dark now, but I love listening to the birds). !


At 10:59 am, Blogger Deb said...

Am never sure whether to be pleased or miffed when a car fails MOT on one or two small things. Last year ours failed on a headlight that wasn't perfectly directed, and the licence plate - the same licence plate it had had since it was new, nine years previously, and which had gone through several previous MOTs. Grr.

At 11:51 am, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Deb - how annoying. I get a bit jittery whenever my Renault has it's yearly see-to. Scrapped through last year by the skin of its teeth (if it had any teeth, of course!). EFT


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