Monday, May 15, 2006

A spontaneous day.

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I love these kind of days - the spontaneous ones. We finished the maths (no complaints this time) and both kids asked to do some painting using the oils. K did a Rex rabbit (as she's hoping to get one soon) and B did a lovely river scene (with added Baobab tree!). K had finished first and we popped into the front room to quickly look up something on the PC. Gone for a couple of minutes before B came running in laughing "look, I've burnt myself" showing me his oil painted black hands! Anyone who's used oil paints will know, cleaning up afterwards is a nightmare. You need actual paint cleaner to get rid of the oils. After initial cries of "oh, B!", he runs off saying "it's ok, I'll wash them". Smeared oil paint over newly cleaned wash basin plus nice smeared painted hands! B then discovers the rabbit has escaped from the kitchen (it sits on an old sofa in there, not to everyone's liking I'm sure, but it's something we've always done) into the living room (a definate no no - he eats the wires) so goes chasing it trying to catch the poor thing leaving oil painted hand prints on doors, sofa and even carpet! Then B wondered, as I caught him to clean him up, why I was muttering through gritted teeth growing a monster like tail similar to that from the well known children's book "When Mum Turned into a Monster"!

Anyway, other spontaneous things that didn't end in disaster. K is doing an "advert" about yogurt that's "so good, even cats will eat it". She's drawn up a storyboard showing a cat eating the yogurt out of a pot using it's paw. This is something one of our cats Allie does! She's hoping to film him tomorrow and add captions using Powerpoint. Pretty artistic is our K.

B has been playing in a special kind of wax sand and has been asking about quicksand. We looked this up on the net to discover that quicksand isn't as deadly as we have all been lead to believe, thanks to cartoons and films. Click here to check it out yourself on the excellent "How Stuff Works" website.

Went bowling with the group this afternoon. B was over-the-moon because he got the highest score in his team.


At 8:06 pm, Blogger Emma said...

I go mad when the kids get just normal mixed paint over the basin, so poor you having to clean up the oil paints!
Sounds like a nice day though :-)


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