Monday, April 17, 2006

Yummy, yummy Easter!

Having fun, fighting with the cricket set - no injuries though!

We've had a lovely Easter weekend, full of fun, warm sun and ... chocolate (and plenty of wine too on Sunday!).

After the lovely visit on Saturday from my folks, we spent Sunday afternoon at P's folks with his side of the family. Kids woke us at around 7.30 a.m. (not bad ah?) asking for chocolate for breakfast! This year they chose their chocolate treats, B a Mars easter egg and K a bigish chunk of Dairy Milk! We had a little chat about the meaning of Easter as they chomped away lounging on our bed. We had covered this earlier in the week and I'm pleased to say B remembered it was Jesus who suffered at Easter, not God, whom he originally thought.

Did mass tidy up which took most of the morning, and then off to the grandparents (P's folks) to meet up with the family, including the cousins. Lots of PC playing and joyful laughter from the kids (more chocolate, and more, and more!). Sun came out after a lovely BBQ lunch (cooked outside, eaten inside) washed down with plenty of flowing wine (which I regretted at 11 p.m. that evening) - boy was I glad I'd forgotten my promise to drive us home! Kids ran around the garden finding mini easter eggs that I'd hidden - more chomping, then they continued to play - fighting this time, using the wooden cricket set (but just play fighting, I'd better add) and empty water guns. K actually played well with little 2 1/2 year old cousin A. She doesn't usually tolerate little'uns very well but did great this time.

Bed and sleep - and feeling alittle woozy!

Another nice day weather wise. Quickly stopped the start of a woozy head with paracetamol! Mowed the grass, back and front, and started to tidy the edges. Did huge wash load and changed the kids bedding. Let the rabbit and guinea pig out for a run around in the garden (first time out for the guinea pig, he loved the freedom to hunt down his own dandelion leaves). Made some lovely leek, potato and onion soup for lunch, and had the pleasure of watching a blackbird take a bath in our little waterfeature just a stone's throw from me. Best of all though, P was able to retrieve all my lost work and internet favourites - yippee, he's the best!


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