Friday, April 07, 2006

w/e 7th April 2006

What a lovely week. Spring is beginning to bloom and the sun is throwing some warmth into the air at last. With no planned work for the kids this week they have spent quite some time playing. K with her horses, tack and rider making and B with drawing, armies and lego.

One of K's little men (looks abit like Michael Jackson I think!)

We dug out the swingball for the garden and have been having a bash around on it most days. B can play it for quite some time by himself and is getting very good at keeping the ball swinging. They both did some tree climbing which I captured on video (for once) and K managed to climb to the top of our buddliea tree and sit on the shed roof!

Jumping like horses

Disaster happened on Wednesday evening - my computer died a death - it is no more! Yep, it was pretty ancient I admit, but you kind of get to rely on it (a bit too much may be), then, wham, it's gone! Tears all round thinking what information I'd lost, kids stories and poems, email addresses and important messages and my marvellous collection of favourite internet sites (mainly to do with HE). Good news though, it means getting a new PC which will be sooo much faster than my old one and better looking I'm sure. Hubby hopes he can retrieve my work and internet favourites - let's hope so ... please!

Anyway, we've coped pretty well with one PC and in fact it's meant I've had time to play with K and B for a while on their own ... but I do miss it though!

Had a HE group session today about the Tudors, something I know little of I'm sorry to admit. Most of the kids seemed more interested in playing outside, especially K who found some wandering horses to check out close by! B enjoyed the freedom to run around and let off steam too! Activities were fun, making orange/clove pomanders, designing a family shield, throwing together a spicy apple stew and making red/white roses. B enjoyed using some Hamer Beads which he'd never done before, it got him still and in one place for a good 1/2 - 3/4 hour!

K had another group riding lesson today and did three lots of cantering which she coped with well. It seems a nicely run school with beautiful horses and ponies.

We bought ourselves a blow up punch bag, mainly for K and B (of course), to burn off their energy, but it's a good size so us bigguns can use it too. Unfortunately it turned up with a pin hole in the base (where you add water for stability), so we came back from riding to find the kitchen floor much like a small pond!

We've also been making little chick Easter cards for the relatives, so in fact it's been a pretty busy week really when you look back over it.

Have a good week!


At 11:51 am, Blogger ~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

I just thought I'd say Hello! I'm also a refugee from HSB. Loved reading your blog today, hope the wet floor soon dried out and you manage to rescue the stuff off your PC.


At 9:20 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thanks! Yes it did dry out and we've fixed the tiny hole and re-filled it. It's in B's bedroom now with towels and a plastic sheet under it - just in case! Have ordered a new PC - what a treat - can't wait for it to arrive and hopefully rescue some of my old stuff. EFT

At 9:08 am, Blogger Classroomfree said...

All sounds good apart from the flood and the PC Death. I have a horse mad daughter too :-)

At 9:19 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Hi Jules. K will be pleased to hear of yet another horse mad person (we had a comment on our last post who also had a horse mad dd!). K always thinks she's the only horsey person around as none of her "old" friends were horsey at all and thought she was much too different from them! EFT


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