Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We're growing our veg!

K and I are continuing to sow veggie seeds and pot on tomato plants this morning. We bought a couple of grow bags at the weekend for the donated tomato plants and I tied up some canes to support them. We've already sown the carrots (and, of course, the pumpkin) but we also sowed some salad seeds today as well. K's really enjoying this new venture and is keen to get on with the potoatoes and runners!

A mum from the HE group is kindly letting us have some of her healthy soil and compost (she's digging out earth for a pond) as we need to grow the potatoes in large tubs (run out of useable ground space!). Hoping to pick this up later in the week or early next - the little potatoes are sprouting away and are desperate to get in the soil! Lastly we are going to grow the runners straight into the earth up some wigwam style canes together with some nasturtiums to add interest.

I'll let you know how our produce comes along.

P is at home this week so we're planning a few trips out and about. I did a couple of errands this morning on my own which seemed quite strange. I went to visit my old work place, a local pre-school, and felt quite nostalgic chatting away to past work pals. Whilst out, B played with P which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then he initiated his own maths by lining some of his toy cars and estimating how many there where, then counting to see how close his guess was. Then we lined up the rest to do another estimate and recount (it came to 83 in total), so B had to work out the difference between the actual amount and his estimated amount of 100.

This afternoon we decided to get out for a walk and go pond dipping at a local nature reserve. After several attempts at trying to locate it along the road, we found there was no suitable parking to access the place. Off we headed to our usual near by park instead. What a shame that we are encouraging our children to understand and learn more about our environment to find it is not easily accessable. It seems quite a few of our local nature reserves/attractions do not have suitable parking facilities. No doubt the authorities would say that we should walk or cycle to these places instead, but for us, this would be a pretty long trek! Anyway, we had a pleasant hourish at the park, looking at the huge amount of tadpoles in our special area that K and B nicknamed "Rabbit Creak" last summer, playing footie and catch, balancing on low beams and hiding in the nearby trees and bushes. It's lovely to see the kids having fun from simple pleasures. Especially K as she is quite moody these days and always wants to stay at home - finding this quite a strain at times.


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