Thursday, April 27, 2006

The most amazing thing!

I have been so priviledged today. Each year we have a couple of blackbirds set up home in some thick shubbery at the bottom of our garden. Mum and dad blackbird are quite tame and often come close to the kitchen door hunting down food, and are happy to hop around the garden while we are working away close by. This year, the nest has been set up within sight from the garden bench at the back of the garden. A couple of days ago B and I were lucky enough to witness dad feeding, what looked like, two baby birds - something I, let alone B, had ever witnessed.

Today, while have a peaceful cuppa on the bench, I spotted three babies, two of which were perched on the edge of their nest. Mum and dad were hopping around finding worms, etc. and not caring at all that I was there. Suddenly one of the birds took flight (if you can call it that at such a young age), and went fluttering down near our old incinerator close to me. Mum stayed as calm as a cucumber, and started to feed the baby - it was truly amazing. Mum then started to pick young snails off the shrubbery and throw them on the floor using her beak to crack the shells to reach the food inside to feed the baby. As ageing Jasper (the cat) appeared I left to entise him indoors (he's still pretty good at doing nature's thing).

Later when I went out with camera in hand, mummy bird came and sat next to me on the bench, and baby (not sure if it was the same one), perched above me in the tree. Wow, what an experience!


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