Friday, May 19, 2006

Friendship Friday

Found out that today is a fundraising day called Friendship Friday. If you read the link, you'll see all about it. Friendship Friday is a day to celebrate the friendship with schools in Pakistan and China. As a fundraising event, those participating design their own friendship band showing pictures and words about themselves or something special to them. Money can be donated to support Save the Children's educational programme in Asia.

To support this we looked at the National Georgraphic Kids site to read about the unfortunate families who have been totally stranded since the Pakistan earthquake last October. Children who have temporary homes and use tents for their classrooms. B is reading about earthquakes and volcanoes at the moment so finding out where this disaster happened was of interest to him.

We also checked out the CBBC Newsround page to read about a "press packer" who travelled from his home town in Lancashire to Pakistan to compare the differences between the two places. The Newsround site is actually full of really interesting information, and much more fun to read that an "adult" news page!

K had a friend to play for most of the day and didn't make her friendship band until this evening, but B and I made bands and swapped them to wear for the afternoon.

The bands are quite small to read but they say something about us,

like what we like to do, how we look, where we live, our favourite colour and food, etc.


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