Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tidy, tidy, tidy ... afternoon

We decided today would be tidy up day. Don't know really why I bother, as soon as I've cleaned the house, it seems to get dirty again - very quickly! Never mind, it needed to be done as K has a friend coming tomorrow. Left tidying to this afternoon, after the weekly shop!

Did some maths this morning - we seem to be on a role maths wise this week, probably because I've really made an effort to find some maths "work" for them to do each day! After this we decided to make our own magazines on a subject of our choice (naturally). K chose model horses, B chose Eggbert (his favourite PC game character at the mo) and I chose home ed! After looking at the covers of a few home mags for inspiration, we were off. Pretty good effort all round actually - they will be fun to read when they're finished.

Persuaded the kids to update their blogs yesterday. K enjoys blogging about her models or horses in general, B wrote about his coin cleaning experiment and put up a photo too. Check them out at the links on the side bar.

Retiring to TV or bed now (probably be first, should be second) as all the hard work has given me a stinking headache! At least the house is clean - for now!


At 10:25 pm, Blogger sam said...

love the magazine idea! hope the headache is better soon.


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