Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Willow craft

We were lucky enough to get some free tickets to a willow craft workshop at the local library yesterday afternoon. Spent a lovely two hours learning the basics of this craft and the kids each made willow fish. K's is on a stick (to secure to a rock in our bird bath) and B's is on the end of a long willow fishing rod, although you can't see this from the photo!

We had a read about the terrible Java earthquake on the CBBC Newsround site and looked up the island in the atlas and did a recap about earthquakes and what causes them. Also found this funny story about a moggy in America and we decided to make up our own funny animal newsclips to read to each other!

B has got into Scrabble, so he and I have been playing quite a bit during the day. Although he sometimes needs help with finding words from his selection of letters, it must certainly be good for his learning. K had a little play, but she lost interest once the game began to run at a slower pace!

During a lull in activites, K grabbed the book Rainy Day book and started to make a fabulous cardboard home for her riding dolls. B joined in and made one for his Eggbert toy! I was pretty chuffed as they worked together, without any assistance from me, which was quite refreshing.

The sun shone today (although still quite cold) and I let the kids lose out the draw with chalks on the pavement! Lots of horses and horsey slogans decorate the public path now (P thought someone had vandalised our home from a distance!) and it'll probably not rain for days now!


At 12:09 am, Blogger Elderfaery said...

It sounds like a busy time..I love the Willow craft idea:)


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