Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The sun actually made an appearance!

Yep, sun came out, mainly this afternoon, but we've had a clear day until around 4 p.m. when the heaven's opened - luckily it waited until I'd finished mowing the grass!

Thought today was going to be a right off.

Tantrums during maths this morning. Both seem to struggle with the easier maths and pick up the harder stuff quickly - very strange! Also I notice with B especially that one day everything sinks in and the next it's all forgotten again. Going over angles with K, she was doing fine until she need to work out the amount of the missing angle - literally just totalling to 180 deg. - just wasn't working! For B it was simply adding whole numbers, 20, 30, 50 etc. to another number. Again, he's done this in a flash in the past but not today, tears and pencil throwing and getting het up all round. Dropped it - not worth the hassle!

After this things picked up. We didn't do any of our "planned" work - didn't dare!

  • B decided to make a game set for his mini Eggbert (a PC game character) using junk boxes.
  • K received her beautiful new Feltie model horse and did some lovely drawings of it as well as continue to practise her drawings of people.
  • B then drew a couple of detailed marble runs which included car springs and water chutes to move the marble along, labelling up as he drew.
  • Over lunch we chatted about why the designers of Eggbert used an egg as their character rather than something/one sturdier, like a potato! Lots of suggestions discussed, I suggested B makes us a cousin for Eggbert, K named it Potbert!
  • Decided to put up the Brio Water Canal system outside and both kids played with this for a some time investigating the movement of water and how the locks work to push water into other areas.
  • K helped with the vegetable plot.
  • Have been watching the blue tit live web cam on and off today (see yesterday's blog entry). K noticed, around 4 p.m. that two of the eggs had hatched - so exciting.
  • B looked up bluetits in his free RSPCA birds pamphlet and then we all talked about the various sizes of birds and other other members of this family.
  • K suggested we finally get round to painting and putting together the bird box her Auntie had bought her a couple of year's back! We managed to paint all the pieces, just hope we can assemble it all correctly!

So, quite abit accomplished in the end I think!
Lots of fiddly bits! Veggies, 2 weeks on.


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