Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morse Code day

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Love looking at the interactive calendars on the net. Enchanted Learning advised us that today that it is the anniversary of the first morse code transmission (1844 from Washington DC to Baltimore). See the alphabet and numerals in morse code here. Kids wrote their names in morse code and put details of this event up on our timeline.

As we are all so involved with the little blue tit family web cam (most or all have hatched now), I decided to use birds in our maths today - and we had no complaints this time! We used the free RSPB bird pamphlet to each choose five birds of different lengths. Drew, coloured and cut them out to stick onto graph paper to then record their lengths using bars. With K I briefly touched on fractions and percentages using this information - will probably expand on this tomorrow.

K asked to do make a jousting knight (started topics of Tudors and Medieval era on Monday). Quite time-consuming as the dolls are made of pipecleaners and have been wrapped in tinfoil to respresent the armour. Started to read a couple of books about it all and looked at how the armour changed from chain mail to full steel gear over the years. B was interested in the crossbows, swords and shields so we looked at the heraldry in "The Medieval World" from Kingfisher.

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At 7:48 pm, Blogger Emma said...

We've got blue tits nesting in our nestbox and can hear the chicks. The parents are so busy in and out keeping the chicks well-fed!
I've always wanted to be able to see in to look at the chicks without being intrusive and last year only saw them when they were old enough to leave the nest, so the web-cam is great :-)
Thanks for the link :-)


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