Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wow, the veggies have really grown!

Kids have enjoyed playing in a den I'd set up for them in the garden.

Also took the opportunity to snap some of the veggies, can't believe how they've grown. When you see them every day it looks like they haven't changed at all, but we've been keeping a diary to notice the difference in height of their various veggies and salad from week to week. Also, looking at the last photo, the pots now look like a wilderness of green! Don't think the carrots are going to materialise to much, we have about three little shoots (after all this time) and lots of weeds! Nevermind, everything else looks good.

Did some maths today (groans from K, "oh this looks fun" from B), made a good luck banner for P as he has an exam on Thursday, took a peak at the blue tit web cam to find just two chicks still in there (anyone know what happened to the others - hope they flew!) and did a mini book on birds that don't fly, eggs and feathers and took a closer look at an egg from the fridge that I opened up for all to examine. We found this site that explains all about the different parts of an egg which helped us. Also, I didn't realise there is an air sac inside - take a look when you next crack one open, it's in there at one of the ends!


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