Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Busy little B and K!

Internet and email down today - ahhhh! I think I stayed pretty calm actually, but K was not impressed and very unhappy when she wasn't able to do her usual thing from 4 p.m.! Unfortunately for K, we had banned her from using the PC yesterday until her manners had improved towards everyone, and now she's had two days of no fun on the net. Also, most of our work is internet generated, tut, tut, I know, so we used today to finish off some of our outstanding work, etc.

After a week and a bit, we checked on the chicken bone that had been sitting in vinegar all that time. It certainly had turned bendy, as predicated by the experiment card, due to the acid in the vinegar breaking down the calcium in the bones. K hated doing this experiment and said she hoped this was the end of all "body bit" experiments for now!

Did our weekly measuring of the veggies. We've had to water them 2 or 3 times each day during this hot spell - they had wilted alittle over the weekend when we were away and it always amazed me how they perk up so quickly after a drink. All are doing great, except the carrots - we're down to 3 or 4 of them now (and I did weed the plot today!).

K has decided to write a book (to be published when finished) about Red Pepper, one of her model horses, and life at a stable yard. She's done quite a bit today, typing away on the PC. I had a read of the first chapter and, as usual, was very impressed with how grown up her writing is. No doubt being a bit of a bookworm helps for this kind of thing.

B's done lots of things too. I took some piccies of some of the things he'd got up to today. He's into making marble runs at the moment. This is something he and his fellow playmates were doing over the weekend in Portsmouth. The constructions he's making now, using his plastic run, are marvellous and quite well thought out. We also had a go at mixing the plastic run with the wooden one to build a different kind of game.

Started our Father's Day gifts - painted stones - and B did some free style painting after this. He and I also did some painting using food colouring on wet absorbant kitchen paper. Made a fabulous piece of art.

While I was washing up the lunch bits, B decided to do one of his "science" experiments, mixing various food stuffs together in an unused spaghetti jar. He loves doing this and chatting about what makes fizzes and bubbles. I remember enjoying this activity when I was a child, but I used to cook the food!

Went into town to buy a Father's Day card for my dad (I need to post it early) but came back with everything but the card! What is happening to my brain?


At 10:09 am, Blogger lucy said...

lovely looking experiments - thanks for the reminder about Father's Day too!


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