Monday, June 12, 2006

Birthday bash x 3

What a brilliant weekend we've just had. Went to Portsmouth to celebrate a double 40th birthday bash at my cousin's house. She and her hubby both hit the big "40" this month and her sister, my other cousin from Scotland, came down to celebrate her 39th one too!

We don't often get so see my cousins, last year for one of them and 9 years ago for the other!! Terrible isn't it?! Lots of catching up, lots of girlie chatter, lots of eating, sunbathing and playing with the kiddies, who are all about the same age. Here's piccies of them playing at horses and sweeping the yard + my sister producing some very pretty face painting.

Went out for dinner with them all on the Saturday night, then back to a rather hot hotel room for the four of us. We decided to put the kids in the double bed so P and I could each have a single bed. Not the best of ideas, P snored, K figeted until 5 a.m. (when we decided enough was enough and swapped beds), B kicked no end in his sleep and I just dozed in between these interruptions! Tired but excited in the morning, we felt much better after a lovely full English breakie then off for more chatter and pleasant company.

My sister and her family turned up on the Sunday. A really happy, hot, day. Long journey home, lots of traffic, all of which was very slow moving. It took us about 5 - 6 hours to reach home and it was bliss to sleep in our own beds!

Oh and we stopped off on the way down for a 49p Ikea mouse mat! I've got one, P wanted one, stopped off for one, had one left that had been drawn all over, so we got it for 10p in the end! Of course we had to buy some other little bits and pieces as well, couldn't just go in for one thing could we? Only spent £20 - must be the cheapest of our Ikea trips to date!

Anyway, if any of the Portsmouth crowd are reading - thanks for a brilliant time!


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