Friday, June 09, 2006

The simple pleasures ...

Around 5 p.m. this evening the temperature gauge in the car (which reads outside temperature) rose to 38 deg C!! B was wishing it to get to 40, but it decided to drop to 35 after a short while and then steadily downwards from there!

We went to a great group session this morning, all about Medieval times and the kids had fun meeting friends and doing some crafts and some circus skills. Helped on the table assisting the kiddies with producing toy jesters. Good fun, lots of time for chatter! Off for a burn off (literally) in the park afterwards then home for a late lunch. Rather strange that K and I had New Covent Garden winter vegetable soup for lunch on such a hot day. We need the cartons (they are like the old style cardboard 1 pint milk cartons) to make Spanish Galleons! Lovely soup - just like home made.

Kids had a whale of a time playing in a huge flower pot that my sister gave me to grow veg in! Plugged the holes with plastic and filled it with water. Nothing beat the sound of them playing happily together (it doesn't often happen unfortunately), with their hearty laughs. I was busy hoovering and putting on new bedding when they appeared totally covered in mud. They'd decided splashing themselves (and my washing on the line) with mud from a pre-made wet, muddy patch, was much more fun! Here's a piccie anyway.
Horseriding later and B and I took the scrabble to catch a quick game. Then when we got home the Landrover was back from the garage fixed, MOT'd and "ready to go"! Camping and off-roading here we come!

Have a super, hot, weekend.


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