Wednesday, June 14, 2006

There is someone watching over us, I'm sure!

Another lovely day, although alot cooler (needed a cardigan when we went out). After "work" this morning, we headed off on our very dusty bikes to the park for a scoot around. The sandpit was closed so we ended up in the playground. K and B hooked up with another couple of kiddies, similar in age and B played some imaginary game with them for about an hour! Had to tear him away just at the point when the game had him being (gently) tortured in a dungeon!

Back home and B wanted to continue on his bike, so I stayed out front to cut the hedge and wash an extremely gritty car. The youngster (who's 11) from over the road asked to play with B on their bikes and off they went, up and down the road, happy as larry. Lots of laughter, joking and boyish play. I was really proud of B as he'd listened to my instructions about staying close by, etc., etc., and he stood his ground when the other chap wanted to go further afield. The two ended up playing footie and then with the water canal in our garden until tea time. I'm hoping they will continue to see each other, they certainly seemed to hit it off well.

These two things today seem to have happened at the right time for B. B is one to like lots of attention and play and being at home he's stuck with two girls for company most of the time. I play with him as much as possibly, and on there are times when K and he get on really well, but it's not "boy" play - this happens at weekends when P isn't working. He loves getting together with this HE friends but I feel he can go abit wild with happiness then! We've talked about him maybe being happier back at school where he'd be with mates throughout the day, but he certainly doesn't want this (and I don't either), so today's little happenings were abit of a blessing and I'm hoping play like this will become a more regular thing.


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