Monday, June 26, 2006

Where is this all coming from?

What I call real learning actually happened about 6.30 this evening and lasted about 1/2 hour!

I hope you won't be offended by any of the following (no it's not horrible rude stuff - just life really). This is our opinion and we don't mean to offend anyone else. I'm trying hard to teach the kids that everyone is individual and have their own beliefs and opinions on all subjects.

It started with the Bible story of Joseph, thanks to me trying to sing the songs from the musical and failing, in sections, on some of the lyrics! K went through the story with me which then led her to ask my opinion of the Bible, saying that the stories where too wonderful and that there were too many miracles which really don't seem to happen in every day life! Ah, this is a good one to bring up. We talked about who told the stories and how religion in today's time has changed alot. In the past people had to go to church (or be punished) and that today miracles do happen but people perhaps aren't so aware of them or don't want to acknowledge them because they are not religious as they used to be. Talked about how I feel "someone" guides us, which in itself, to me, is a miracle, and gave lots of examples. This little chat went on for a while - we have decided to read the New Testament as it is a great book and then go onto the Old Testament (which I found an eye opener). Comparing religion led them on to Henry VIII and his clothing vs how Royals dress today. Suggested we design a new outfit for Henry VIII for his birthday anniversary on Wednesday - K said jeans, t-shirt and trainers would be good! The topic moved to life during Mary Poppins - happy and carefree and how that just isn't the case in "real" life! Talked about the past, fond memories of my Gram, how she smoked lots and stayed up until the early hours just thinking things through. This brought up smoking and what it can do to us, why it is unhealthy, but how smoking wasn't my Gram's downfall in the end. Which led to how she did die, (a nasty fall against some furniture, as I recall) concussion and how the brain reacts in these situations. K retold a story she'd read about personality changes after a nasty knock to the head. This, I believe, was the end of the topic and "learning" session!


At 9:27 pm, Blogger naturallynice said...

LOL! No bell rung for recess then, during your discussion, no "must finish this up, children, we will continue tomorrow" excuses, no "don't wander off and go off topic" comments!




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