Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Battled through maths with B first thing. He wasn't up to concentrating today, one of his anti-maths moods but K did well with her Magic Maths - percentages. B put on a cowboy hat for the rest of the morning, apparently it helps with his concentration! It must of worked because he settled down after that!

We all enjoy our arts and crafts and have found doing projects from The Usborne Book of Art, which I picked up from the library recently, great fun. Yesterday we made some interesting paint/marble and glitter firework pictures to celebrate Independence Day, and to finish them off we were going to place houses with cut out windows in front of the fireworks for an interesting effect. However, we made our rows of houses following instructions from the book and decided to complete them with tissue behind the cut out windows. We've displayed them along our front window - they look really very good and remind me of he Paddington Bear houses in the TV programmes!

  • Statue of Liberty came up. Enchanted Learning has all the details, as usual, even down the the length of Liberty's nose! We are going to complete our Independence Day firework pics with a coloured Statue of Liberty standing in her harbour in New York.
  • K asked why some any popular songs are based on the theme of love. So we discussed how most of these songs are aimed at the teenage market when love begins to be an issue. Talked about how boys and girls of this age think of love differently. Much talk about babies, etc.!
  • Also the subject of being frozen came up (can't think why) and how fresh food frozen quickly will ensure it is kept fresh. Also how body parts to be used for transplants are kept as fresh as possible by transporting them in containers full of ice. Talked about freezing humans and then defrosting them in the future, similar to film storylines.
  • When ironing B's shorts I discovered some dried mint in his pocket which made the fabric smell lovely of spearmint. Talked about how clothing was dried over lavender bushes, or placed in cedar trunks to take on a fresher smell during Tudor times.
  • K and B did some pretty symmetrical patterns on this site and designed robots here hopefully to be displayed alongside others of their school year age on the web.
    • By the way here's a couple of piccies of the vegetable garden so far - all are doing very well except the carrots. We're down to two of those, I think Billy the rabbit ate the others! We've planted two circles of runners with nasturtiums, but only one lot of runners are growing. Not too sure when to harvest the potatoes, I believe it's when all the flowers have died off. I was about to do it at the weekend, but more flowers have started to appear on B's pot of pots!


      At 3:38 pm, Blogger Emma said...

      Your veggie garden is looking great :-)

      We've got the Usbourne book of Art too and are planning on having a go at reproducing some of the works of art over the summer.

      BTW, I've tagged you if you want to have a go :-)

      At 10:16 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

      I love your cut out houses, they look really effective. Don't feel bad about Allie's ear infection (previous post). He's clearly much, much, much loved and you're doing everything you can. With ours, they find trips to the vet so stressful anyway that we do tend to put it off when possible/hope things will get better on their own. I'm so glad Allie's going to be fine.

      You asked on my blog about Emily's art course. It's this one which is suitable for age 7-14. Emily's on part one but there is a part two as well. We've found it excellent so far. Elsewhere on their website they specifically mention home educated children ;-)

      Thank you for the tag btw. :-)


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