Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A better day

Thank you to all those who left their wishes for Allie's healthy recovery, it was very kind of you.

I left ringing the surgery until this afternoon as I was a little nervous of what they'd say. On the 'phone they told me he hadn't really improved since yesterday and that he was on some medication to try and stabilise him. B and I went to visit Allie while K was at gymnastics and found he was actually quite a bit better. As soon as he saw us he tottered over the best he could and stayed in a seated position for a good old stroke! This was brilliant as he couldn't even walk yesterday. It turns out that Allie's got a serious inner ear infection, he hadn't had a stroke (which according to the internet is not really heard of in cats). This is better news although now I feel bad (and I told the vet so), as Allie had a scratch/bite/lump on one of his ears and we'd bathed it with salt water over a period of days until it had healed. This week P noticed that his ear was bothering him again (he kept shaking his head) and we decided to wait and see if the lump reappeared (in which case we would have taken him to the vet). It turns out the infection went inwards to his brain (I am such a terrible "mother"). If only we'd got his ear sorted at the start by a professional, the inner ear infection probably wouldn't have happened. Anyway, tomorrow Allie will have an operation to thoroughly clean out the ear "tubes" and hopefully, with more medication, the infection will be sorted. We're told Allie will be alittle wobbly on his legs for about a month but after that he should be back to normal. Thank you Mr. Vet and whoever is "up there" looking out for us all.

Will keep you all posted!

Another hot, hot, hot day and after a very small amount of work (measuring and diary keeping of the vegetables and some Independence Day stuff) we headed back to the outdoor pool that we'd visited yesterday. P joined us for a picnic lunch which was lovely. Went home via the library to stock up on my reading matter for K and then home to get ready for K's gymnastics class which has had a very lengthy 3 month break (due to exams being held in the gym hall). After our visit to see Allie (and to drop off a couple of cans of his usual food as he was refusing to eat the stuff they'd provided (very unusual for him, he's a bit of a dustbin usually)), food for us and then B, P and I watched a couple of Dr. Who's which B is getting into thanks to this cousin.


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