Friday, July 07, 2006

Allie's home

Yippee, we have Allie back. Picked him up from the vets and we've been told he'll be wobbly on his legs for about a month.

Little chap is really, really wobbly and constantly asks for lots of fussing and loving. The vets thoroughly cleaned out the infected ear and strangely now Allie seems much more alert (perhaps he won't sit in the middle of the road now oblivious to the cars). In fact, whenever we used to put our hands near his ears he'd always lower them - he's done this from the day we got him (as a stray, 3 years ago), but now he doesn't, so perhaps this problem has been looming for a while. Just need to get him eating more and taking is his rather yuckie looking (and smelling) meds.


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