Friday, July 14, 2006

Where's the week gone?

Here's a brief run down of what we've been up to for the rest of this week.

Maths - have done maths workbooks once this week and progressing smoothly. B is ready to move on to new things! Rest of the week (apart from the measuring of liquids which I covered in previous post), we've done lots of maths through baking. The kids really enjoy this and fight to get to the scales first. We've been using the brilliant Cooking with Kids by Linda Collister (read our review here) which we picked up from the library. We've made strawberry jam buns and also used this mixture to produce rock buns with left over blueberries or cut up twix bars (so yummy). We also found a lovely recipe for real lemonade on the Waitrose website and have made a large jug full every other day this week!

Science - when making the rock buns B asked how our tongues tasted foods. Wonderful! I'd just found an excellent Usborne book titled 100 Science Experiments with a good experiment to see how different parts of the tongue react to different types of taste like sour, sweet etc. We did this but discovered that their tongues tasted things differently so perhaps everyone's tongues are different. K loved the vinegar, I think she would have drunk it if I'd let her!

Literacy - finally finished Peter Pan and the kids picture storyboards look lovely. They finished off by drawing a picture of their favourite character, writing why that character had been chosen, and whether they actually enjoyed the book or not! Also recapped on nouns, irregular and regular verbs and added adjectives to our "tree". B is actually reading this reading book by himself and K picked up 11 library books and is reading 3 a night!

Geography - Wednesday was "Wild about Wildlife" day. We found a craft to make 3D dragonflies which the kids produced and then they sketched some of the grasses we'd picked up on our greenlaning recently. We looked up the grasses and then read about dragonflies. I didn't realise that dragonfly nymphs remain this way, attached to a twig in water, for 2 years! We've also been following mummy blackbird's third/fourth lot of young in our garden. This time two have survived and the patience she has trying to feed them is truly wonderful. I watched her for at least 5 mins. trying to get a worm into their mouths, each time they'd spit it out, but she'd persevere! We have a family of sparrows which line up along the apex of the roof waiting for the cats to go indoors before swooping down to look for food. They look so sweet and are really noisy. Got a book out about underwater life which B has shown an interest in. He enjoyed looking at the different fish and reading the names of the seriously weird deep sea creatures.

Art - K has made a Fimo rider to go with her Fimo horse (see previous post). She also produced these beautiful saddles for her smaller models - lots of patience from one so young. B has been drawing Sonic the Hedgehog underwater scenes. K also did a nice painting of a horse galloping through choppy seas.

Socialising and sport - have done lots of this! K and B went to their friends' house one day (and did some jumping on the trampoline), we met up with the same family to go to the outdoor paddling pool and then the friends came back to our home for play. We also went along to the HE group BBQ and watersports today. As always, lovely company and good fun all round. The three of us went swimming at the local swimming pool yesterday. The kids were longing to go, it's something I'm not really into must admit, but we went. I think the last time we went was January so I thought we'd have to go back to square one to get them used to the water again. How wrong I was. K and B confidently swam widths of the pool, B with armbands, and K did some swimming under water. B was happy to jump into the pool and also enjoyed putting his head under water too! Proud? Most definitely.


At 12:45 am, Blogger Nikki said...

Fabulous saddles! Well done to K, she's very talented! We've also done the taste-areas-on-tongue experiment this week and Emily's tongue didn't seem to be the way it was "supposed" to be either, lol, must be HE kids being bred differently ;-)

At 12:46 am, Blogger Nikki said...

Argh, hit enter too early; wanted to say well done to B too for the swimming and head under water bits. Good stuff!


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