Sunday, July 16, 2006

Making the most of the fab weather

Took Elsie Mo here today. Packed up a picnic (getting pretty speedy at doing picnics these days) and set off in the blazing sunshine. Actually, it sounds like we took off quickly, actually we wanted to leave home before lunch time, but seeing as how we were taking four bikes with us today, it took us quite a long time to work out the best way of transporting them in the back of the Landie together with two kiddies! So we headed off around lunch time and had a late lunch on the shady banks of our destination. Then we headed off on our bikes for a scenic 4 mile trip around some of the water and finished off with an ice lolly to cool down. We seemed to pick up most of the little storm flies during our cycling, as well as some other strange and wonderful insects (they like white and yellow t-shirts). I see one of them even managed to get in my photo! K had an unusual pale fawn spider with a green stomach crawling on her at one point! It was hot, hot, hot, but fun, fun, fun too. Home to a much needed shower and slob in the garden reading the paper!


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