Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to maths ... moans and groans!

Tuesday - finally got back to doing maths on a regular basis, much to the kids annoyance, especially K! B seems to have forgotten everything (how do teacher's cope with the long 6 week break when childrens' brains shut down?) - rather than go too berzerk I left the room and screamed into a cushion! Allie the cat still looked startled though. Wednesday - better maths wise, B's brain is gradually reappearing, at least he can add numbers now! K not so good, did a recap on fractions and it seems we need to start all over again! Tomorrow - I've decided to spice things up and use a Domino's Pizza menu to aid their mathematical learning! This should work, although I'll probably end up having to order one or more to help them along!

Discovery stories are gradually coming on. We made a school like list of the kinds of things that may happen on a Tudor voyage of discovery. Some ideas certainly wouldn't happen like finding real life sea monsters (hopefully), but others, like becoming ill from the salted meat and fish (or animal bones as B insists) probably did happen, often! K and B used the Mary Rose website to recap on the crew of their galleon and other bits and pieces that may have been on board. They've each plotted their route to their new island on a world map (modern day version unfortunately) and checked out the continents their galleon would pass on the way.

I talked briefly about 9/11 with them as it is modern history and found the BBC Newsround site helpful with lots of photos and an animation showing timings of the tragedy. Didn't want to push too hard on all this as they are still young but in fact it struck up another brilliant discussion between K and me about the whole thing. This lead on to religions of the world, wars of the world, crusades of long ago, different cultures and how we should respect and follow the traditions of those in their own countries. K continues to amaze me with her forward thinking and clear cut ideas, I love having these debates with her. All the time we were talking B was drawing his version of the 9/11 tragedy, the twin towers, aeroplanes and general disaster. Unfortunately I can't find his finished work of art, I really hope it'll turn up in time.

B is into Duplo at the moment. No idea why he decided to pull it out from under his dusty bed, but he's been constructing since Monday. First it was symmetrical shapes, then buildings and today he designed a mine. He asked me what mines did, so after a chat we looked up some pictures of old tin and copper mines in Cornwall and talked some more about the people who worked in the mines and the dangers. K, feeling it unfair to send canaries to their possible death rather than relying on humans to sense danger, wants to know if more humans are born per second or more canaries! The things kids come out with!

Today is Roald Dahl Day. Must admit I haven't really read much of his work, but K has! Found some worksheets on the website and the children each designed their own sweet or chocolate, described it and drew a catchy advert for it.

The children have been practising their handwriting by copying their chosen poems into work books. After this I read some other children's poems to them and came across this lovely Haiku (which is a style of poetry writing) by Wendy Cope and remembered reading all about Haiku on another blog recently and thought it may be fun to learn more about it.

Shimming heat waves,
A hot pebble in the hand,
Light-dance on the sea.

This is our collective Haiku before we've learnt anything about it!

Bubbling farts,
Squishing air around my butt,
Revolting to the nose.

Now you wouldn't get away with that at school would you!? To all those shaking their heads saying "that's not Haiku", remember, we haven't yet checked out the correct way of doing this wonderful form of poetry.

Been doing some necessary chores to get ready for the new HE group venue starting on Friday. Popped along to our old venue in the park to pick up our mugs and necessary beverage packets and took the opportunity to walk around one of the lakes and have a play in the playground. We picked up some stray acorns and leaves and today made little acorn men which look cute. B and I designed mini tray gardens for them and K has started making a superb cross country jump scene for her model horses ready for another forthcoming live show.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also this week we met up with members of the group at Stanwick Lakes in Northamptonshire. Have never ventured here before but will certainly add it to our list of fun activities. Although I had the camera I forgot to take photos this time, but there are lakes (obviously) and cycle/pedestrian paths and the children played on a fabulous wooden activity playground and obstacle course. B and K enjoyed walking through the mini streams and muddy swamps the best! Weather was brilliant, the car thermometer read 32 deg! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


At 1:36 am, Blogger Nikki said...

Oooh, I like your acorn people Very cute! We picked up a load of acorns recently and were wondering what to do with them. Might have a go at that. I had vague ideas about making ink with acorns but I'm not sure now, haven't looked that up, may have dreamt it. We did lots of haiku recently and loved it. Much harder than it looks! Emily giggled when I read your fart one :-))

At 11:01 pm, Blogger Stella said...

I loved those acorn people and tray gardens too They are really cute!


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