Saturday, September 09, 2006

We've been raspberry picking twice this week. K loves raspberries so much but they charge the earth in the supermarket for them. We went along to Hill Farm in Chesterton to pick our own (much cheaper and fresher). We've been here before to pick strawberries earlier in the summer, and at the moment blackcurrents, blackberries and sweetcorn as well as the raspberries are available for picking. It looks like they'll have another crop of strawberries ready soon too. The shop also sells other hand-picked fruits and vegetables and there's a meat shop open at the end of each week. All this together with a tea shop, fun playground and fabulous views of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire makes for a good hour or so of cheap fun!

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Empty playground now the kids are back at school!

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K just loves sitting on the hill and taking in this view of Northamptonshire
(a photo just doesn't do it justice)

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The view of Cambridgeshire, not so pretty as it's quite built up!

Our work on discoveries and Tudors is coming together well. The children have both made their imaginary islands ready for discovering in their galleons they'd made using cardboard soup/milk cartons! B's is a cold, snowy land and K's is the opposite, a hot, sunny, tropical island. Next stage is to write an adventure of how they came to discover their new land, what they'll name it and whether they'll discover anything new to take back home with them!

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We've had friends over to play this week and B has also been to a friend's house too which he thoroughly enjoyed as it opened up a whole new world of PC games with Lego Loco! He so enjoyed playing this, building a whole new Lego train track and city that we managed to find him a version, together with Football Mania from Lego on Amazon. Lego Loco is a very simplistic version of Sim City which K is interested in trying out. Found our version 3000 lurking around under the desk so will have to put that on the PC for her.

Thursday we went to Burghley to see the opening day of the horse trials with its Dressage and Pony Club displays. We usually just go on a Saturday (P helps out as a Steward) but seeing as how K is so interested in Dressage and we had complimentary tickets we decided to go along and enjoy a quieter day doing a bit of shopping at the numerous wonderful stalls in between watching the beautiful horses and ponies. Went again today (Saturday) to see the Cross Country which is always good fun, but with all the crowds shopping wasn't so easy! May possibly go again tomorrow as the weather is holding and apparently Zara Phillips is going to make an appearance during the Showjumping. Will try and take some photos to display. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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