Tuesday, August 29, 2006

K's Fantasy Pony

I promised K I'd put the "Fantasy Pony" that she'd so carefully painted up on my blog. It is the last one of three up for sale at £4 (inclusive of p&p). If anyone is interested (perhaps for a birthday gift), the pony stands at approx. 4cm high, 5cm long, is painted in pretty metallic pink with silver hooves, mane and tail and comes with a lovely little poem too.

Just leave a comment if you're interested and we'll sort something out.

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At 12:04 pm, Blogger Thea said...

Thats a lovely pony. She's done a real good job of that, had a look at her harnesses etc. the other day. Your K is very talented, I do alot of sewing etc but don't think I could manage something so small and still keep it looking so good.

Anyway well done K


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