Monday, August 07, 2006

Hama, bubble wrap and sunglasses

In between mini bouts of bickering between K and B today they had some fun with the items in the title. I picked up a lunch box worth of Hama beads, mats and ironing sheets from the car boot fair for 10p which the kids played around with this morning. Here's a photo - K made a rabbit face, B a Blupi character and K did the pattern too.

P received a large box of goodies to get Elsie Mo back on the road (again). Her clutch gave up the day before we went camping, and it needed replacing. Loads of bubble wrap came with the goods - this is the wrap with the large bubbles that make a big noise when popped. We layed it on the floor to jump on first of all, then B rolled all over it, then we all had a tug of war with it. The neighbours must have wondered what on earth we were up to!

Finally, K found my sunglasses which have blue tinted lenses. I keep them for the garden as they make everything appear brighter to me, rather than shadier! She thought they were great and wore then during dinner time as they made her feel like she was in a large swimming pool. This led to much joking, pretend swimming on the kitchen floor, being grabbed by sharks, and passing smelly feet (don't ask) etc., etc. B did this fabulous song and dance about life underwater. Amazing how a pair of sunglasses can trigger so much imaginative play.

Talking of imaginative play. We were in town this afternoon purchasing a few bits to get K's little craft project up and running. B was looking through all the card making kits available in one store and found a packet with tiny little tools inside which he wanted me to buy for him (it was £2). I wasn't sure, thought it may be a waste of money (I know it's only £2 but we were out purely to stock up on the necessary things that we needed and I had a feeling he wouldn't use them once I'd bought them), all that sort of stuff, when he pipes up "oh come on ... you're always telling me to use my imagination, with this I can right?!". What could I say to that. They've been opened, played with and left, stuffed down the side of the sofa!!!


At 10:27 pm, Blogger sam said...

It is amazing how the least expensive things can generate the most fun. S loves giant bubble wrap and was very disapointed that the movers didn't use more of it!


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