Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rain, rain go away - we want the sun back!!!!

Good old British, can't win can we? Grumble if it's hot, grumble if it's cold and wet! Got cooler, cooler then colder as the day went on, then rain, rain, rain. Good for the garden, suddenly it's healthy and green again and at least I don't have to worry about constantly watering the veg, but I'd like the sun back please!

We're not doing much work wise at the moment. Trying madly to get the house in order and will eventually sort some stuff out for us all to do in September; I have some ideas up my sleeve!

Had a monthly grocery shop from Tesco delivered this morning. They 'phoned to say they were running early and would drop off 1/2 hour before scheduled time. Fine, no prob with me. Usually when they arrive, they ring the door bell then go and unload the van, so you can unload the crates a couple at a time. This time, they rang the bell and had put the all the crates of shopping on my doorstep and stood around waiting for me to unload it all (yep it was rather tricky to reach the top crate as it was well above my head). I mentioned something about them being in rather a hurry today, even though they were early and I was told that they were now late for their next shift! What? It was 1/2 hour before their next shift for goodness sake. Anyway, annoyingly (and in credit to Tesco, this hasn't happened for a while), lots of the order was awful substitutes, so I held the guys up even more going through all the bags trying to find the unwanted returns. Why can't they put a label on the bags with substitutes, or put them all in one bag?! Wouldn't that make sense and save time?

Kids had fun with all the cereal boxes, making a maze and then a den with added help from the large sofa cushions. This all stayed out on the living room floor during lunch, while we finished off Fantasia which we started watching the other evening. The last piece, all about hell and heaven (as I could make it out), struck up a rather interesting conversation about what heaven and hell are like, whether they actually exist, etc., etc. K believes there's only a heaven as God forgives all, even those that do wrong - she could have a point there. After Fantasia had finished the video stopped and the TV automatically turned to CBeebies (why did it go to that channel? We haven't watched CBeebies for yonks!). Anyway, good old Auntie Mable was on (love her) and we watched one of our favourites about wood being turned into furniture. It featured some rather bored youngsters using wooden kitchen tools and instruments to make music. B decided to do this too, although for the neighbour's sake I suggested he used the boxes on the floor rather than metal saucepans that he really wanted to use. B likes music and I remembered this fabulous site featured on the EO main forum recently, playing chords on a virtual guitar, which kept him fascinated for a long time. Do you find your kids really get into something just as you need to rush out for an appointment or something. Why? When they're bored, shuffling around the place bickering with each other and you suggest really fun, interesting things to do (well I think they're fun and interesting) they don't want to know. Suddenly they find something and it's just as you're about to do something else!

Have been trying to get round to doing some updates on the blog and website. Managed to download some of K's lovely horse drawings on the web (they are under art), and will at some point put a link to them from the blog. It all seems to take so long. I've changed my profile picture too. The drawing I had before of K and B was lovely, but the one of B scared me every time I looked at it, it was the teeth I think that did it (in case you never noticed, the pic's below to refresh your memory!) Anyway, tried loads and loads of times to change it and the system just timed out, but when I had a go at doing it from P's computer it worked instantly. Why!?

Think I should rename this blog entry "why", don't you?

Please let the sun shine tomorrow, please, please!


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