Monday, August 14, 2006

Plodding along nicely

Hi, thought i'd just jot down a few things we've been up to over the last few days. Went greenlaning again in Elsie Mo on Saturday and Sunday. There's quite a few lanes close to us ready for exploration (although some are rather tedious sometimes you get a fun bumpy or picturesque one). One on Saturday went right along the canal on one side (which was surprisingly high and nearly up to the edge of the bank, lovely for a spot of fishing) and right by a local railway line on the other. We stopped for a cuppa (rather sad I know, we take a flask with us!!!) and climbed the steps up to a small barrier by the edge of the rails (ahhh! - that's asking for trouble surely). One of the lanes on Sunday was lovely, very bumpy and well used so the kids enjoyed being shunted around the place. I did a spot of driving while P took some film. Found lots of brambles which, unlike the ones in town, were no way near ready for picking. Will try and remember to come back in a month for a good old feast.

B has started painting his solar system mobile that Grandma and Grandad gave him for his birthday. He's being really careful and doing a planet at a time so as not to rush it all - very wise. He find out what the Milky Way actually is (apart from a rather yummy tummy filler that is) and has been telling me planet facts while working.

B has also made this fun marble maze, and idea he saw on the Discover Kids channel recently in a program called Big Bang. He stuck barriers up on the bottom of a large plastic lid and designed his maze. Good fun.

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K has been busy making more model horse tack. She's had an order from one of her forum people as well as from a friend. She has also been asked to make some tack for a model horse club show and raffle! (((PROUD MUM)))

K is presently reading Anne of Green Gables and I dug out the old videos of the recordings I'd made from the TV yonks back. Although I'd never read the book(s), I absolutely loved the film(s) they'd made and hoped she would too one day. B finds them "boring and girly"!

K and B have finished their Henry VIII and six wives (and monach siblings and mottos) mobile. The kids each made up their own crest and motto - "to care for the creatures of the world" (K) and "B the fab" (B). Was interested to find out that Henry originally asked Christina of Denmark to marry him before Anne of Cleves, but as Christina was a widow and able to choose whether to marry him or not (and having thought about the unhappy endings of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn), wisely declined!

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Our nasturiums in the garden are being host to loads of caterpillars. We've decided to nurture one (see previous post) and we're caring for it well (I think - following guidelines anyway). We've started diaries, drawings, photos and measurements,etc. According the website the caterpillar should end up a Great White.

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Cherry tomatoes in the garden are superb, we are able to pick a good handful each day and B is loving them. The larger (normal) tomatoes are doing fine, no more rot, but are taking their time to turn red. We've finished K's new potatoes and will probably dig up B's this week. Runners are beginning to appear with lots more pretty red flowers too now that the rain has turned up.


At 5:53 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

Well done K on being asked to make tack, that's lovely! I do like your Tudors mobile. Emily's revived her interest in the Tudors recently - out of the history projects we've done she definitely loved that one the most, closely followed by the Egyptians. Couldn't get interested in the Vikings, though!

At 1:29 pm, Blogger Irene said...

The History mobile is such a brilliant idea!


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