Friday, September 01, 2006

Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning

This is something I hadn't really come across before and thought I'd check it out. I've been watching the two parter on TV about children trying to get into Grammar/Private schools (rather than go to their local Comprehensive) and having to take entrance exams. Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning kept coming up as papers the kids had to sit. Wondering what this was I hunted down a workbook in WH Smith today all about it. Poor loves, no wonder most of them complained of nervousness, it's the kind of weird, logical questions I do remember having to deal with in the 11+ at school (when the 11+ was still around to help those higher than you decide which secondary school you were fit for!).

Anyway, found this website with tests of the logical kind - have a go (click Main at the bottom of the page if you'd like to browse the site further and perhaps discover some more tests)!

The one I did had to be completed in a set time (and the clock actually ticks) which immediately made me twitchy, but actually, although I left out one bunch of questions as they didn't make any sense to me at all (at the time) there was plenty of time left over (and I should of checked my answers - I'd made some rather silly mistakes). I felt quite chuffed with my score at 56% (classed as good for age 11 I believe), I later felt rather bad having read on the EO forum two people getting 92% and 96% as I recall and P getting around 84%. Oh dear - don't think this is for me is it?!

To be honest it was quite good for making me think and I wonder if I would have done better without the timer. P reckons I just need practise (sweet), so perhaps I do, and perhaps I'll write out a couple a day for the three of us to have a jab at - can't do K and B any harm brushing up on their logical thinking skills.

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