Friday, September 01, 2006

The Room 101 and Fluffy Room idea!

Thanks, once again, to the lovely HE blog Othena, it got me thinking about Room 101 (and the fluffy version for nice things) and what we, as a family, would shove in these rooms. I asked each member, P (in his 40s), K 9 (whoops, that's something from Star Wars isn't it?) and B 7 (and me aged in my 30s) to think of one thing that annoys us with the world for Room 101 and one (although it became two) things for the Fluffy Room. Here's our answers:-

Room 101: Bum drivers (as I call them), those idiots on the road that drive so close to the car's behind that you feel like "gently" putting your brakes on to give them a "slight" fright!. I don't want to break the speed limit (too much), so don't force me!
Fluffy Room: My family (and the PC, naturally)

Room 101: People with lack of respect
Fluffy Room: PC and Landrover *

Room 101: "the people who keep building on all our lovely land" (little note here, her first choice was "B")
Fluffy Room: Model horses (and PC, again naturally) *

Room 101: (after alot of thought and after saying to him "not K") "burglars, because they should ask before taking things otherwise it's rude" (bless)
Fluffy Room: PC and games *

* I kind of had to ask why they didn't want to put their caring mother/wife into the Fluffy Room as their dearest keepsake. Finally K piped up "because we wouldn't beable to see you everyday if you were locked away in a Fluffy Room"!

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At 12:38 am, Blogger Thea said...

lol, they are so sweet.... isn't nice to be loved.


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