Sunday, September 10, 2006

Burghley ... again!

Summer has returned, yippee! Loved the mist first thing this morning which dispersed once the sun appeared. BBC said the temperature reached 26 deg. today.

Packed a BBQ and headed for the final day at Burghley.

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K managed to weedle her way to a good viewpoint next to the members enclosure to see a round of showjumping and also Zara Phillips who attended to do a lap of honour on her horse Toytown. She managed to take a couple of shots on the camera. After letting P have a browse around the shops we settled down for a nice BBQ and a little slob before heading back to the show for K to watch some of the pony and trap classes. The photo is taken from the youngsters class, they were all so beautifully turned out it must have been a nightmare to judge.

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Zara Phillips doing a lap of honour

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Left Burghley around 3 to get home to complete some major chores like an enourmous pile of ironing, cleaning out the car and Elsie Mo (still had lots of dried mud in her from the off-roading), make a cake for tomorrow, etc., etc. Anyway, Billy sums up how I feel now - I'm going to have a cuppa in the garden with P as it's still lovely and warm.

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At 5:27 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Oh we passed the traffic jams past Stamford on Sunday - what a headache!! We could have passed each other and not known it ;)


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