Sunday, December 14, 2008

Positives for Saturday and Sunday

I'm already behind with this aren't I!!?


Katie was at her stable club Christmas pony day so it meant I had the day with Ben as P was in London taking a 4 hour exam, poor dear.

(1) Had one of those lovely educational/thought provoking conversations with Ben while driving home from the stables, all about space, planets, "little green men", and life out there in the big wide universe. P and I watched the film Contact a few days ago and I know Ben would really enjoy this film - that's how the conversation sparked off. He has very grown up ideas and opinions for a 9 year old.

(2) Ben had to help with the the damned rabbit hutch cover which had blown off again in the wind (how much string wrapped around it does it need?). Anyway, he was busy doing something or other but willing came to help me out, just like yesterday it was cold but also very wet this time, and he didn't grumble at all.

(3) Katie was in a hugely positive mood when she came out of her pony day. Very chatty about all the games and what have you that had gone on.

Saturday was a lovely day - very positive all round. We drove down to the in-laws in the evening to pick up P and stayed for a curry - the best positive all the day!!

Today - Sunday

(1) Put up all the decorations this afternoon. Stuck a Christmas music CD on and stuck in to all four boxes of goodies which we've accumulated over the years. Katie insisted that we all decorate the tree and house, not just her and Ben, to make it a family event. It was lovely

(2) Bath and PJs were done this evening without any of the usual hassles. Not sure why, but I'm not going to grumble!

(3) Went out this morning to get a few DIY bits and bobs for our bedroom (no, it's still not fully completed) and Ben (the usual suspect) didn't keep asking me to buy things for him (well, not as much as usual anyway) - so a sort of positive there.



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