Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sculpture class has finished

I promised some photos of our finished work:

Here's Ben's bowl. He cut the wood into a square and then drew a circle onto it before chiselling out the centre to form the bowl. He then used (with some help) the woodturner to smooth all the edges and the bowl to form a lovely piece of woodwork. Later he drew a pattern and his name and used the pyrograph to burn the pattern finishing off with water colour pencils to colour it. Ben also made a small wooden penguin, similar to Katie's fish using chisels and a whittling set to get the shape and texture, then the pyrograph to burn the features.

Katie added a base to a ready made box shape. She had to mark and saw the wood to fit the base before glueing in on. After some sanding to smooth edges, she used the pyrograph to burn different horse pictures onto the sides, finishing off with the water colour pencils to add some colour.

Here's my finished gargoyle. I had great fun doing this, and found working with clay very theraputic (plus the time flew by). Carving, pulling, shaping and altering the shape was brilliant - I have visions of becoming a plastic surgeon some time in the future!! I left adding the wings for a good two weeks as I thought it would be really difficult to get them right. However, an evening sitting in front of the "box" and the pair just came together without any hassle. The gargoyle is completely dry now and can't be fired as it hasn't been hollowed out enough inside. Have now started making a dragon for Katie, so more photos to follow.


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At 9:18 pm, Blogger Emma said...

Well done Katie & Ben on your sculptures. Dh used to use pyrography in his business and I know from giving it a go myself that it is not easy to do without burning too much into the wood. Well done.

I love the gargoyle too. Its fantastic.

At 2:05 am, Blogger stefndawniy said...

wow very impressed :-)


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