Friday, December 12, 2008

Daily "positives"

Have been feeling a little fed up of late. Perhaps it's the weather (don't we British always blame things on the weather?), perhaps it's the fact there seems to be so many outstanding things in our lives at the moment that we all want to get done and dusted, I don't know, but it feels like the bickering between me and Katie is getting worse and it's pulling me down. I've been assured today that it's probably her age, and that other parents with daughters of similar age seem to be going through a similar problem. She's growing up, she has her own thoughts, wishes and grievances and I understand that. However, I do feel that she's still young and still needs to listen to the advice of those who love her. She needs to remember that people are to be respected, not just grunted at or ignored. Katie and I have always had a brilliant relationship, and still do most of the time. Other times she's a totally different person and we're thrown into finding the best way of coming through it without squashing her opinions and feelings but guiding her the best way we can.

Having had a particuarly bad day on Thursday, it was refreshing to read Dawniy's blog about thinking of three positives for each day. It would have been hard to find even one positive for Thursday, but today I started to pay attention to things Katie and Ben do and found quite a few happy, positive things that I could list. It helped that we had our HE group Christmas party so we were out the house and in company of good friends. Katie was over-the-moon to see her friend who now lives in Wales so she was certainly in a positive mood! So, my three positives for today are:

(1) Being at the party was a good plus for us today. Mixing with the other children and parents, chatting, eating and playing games are always positive things for me and for Katie and Ben.

(2) We got out of the house on time this morning. A huge positive because often we're late due to a sudden last minute toilet run, needing a book to read in the car, losing something "vital" for the journey, forgetting to put coats, gloves etc., in the car. All these things put me on edge and I hate to be late for anything, so leaving on time and intact was perfect.

(3) The blasted rabbit hutch cover had blown off again in the wind that's decided to pick up again here. Putting that back on the hutch, together with the under blanket (to keep Billy extra warm!) is a nightmare at the best of times but in the dark (like tonight), it's ten times worse. Katie offered to help me re-cover and tie it all down, in the cold and very breezy darkness. Very thoughtful.

The idea is to write out 3 positives each day. Can't guarantee I'll do that (not that good at blogging), but I will certainly try and find and acknowledge the positives each day, as they happen.
christmas holly



At 10:49 pm, Blogger stefndawniy said...

hmmm I commented and i think blogger ate it :-/
was just saying we know how you feel re the chnges in Katie - we were quite shocked how fast our daughter changed, it was like she'd been replaced by body snatchers or something.
thank you for jpoining into the 3 positives :-) x

At 11:52 pm, Blogger HelenHaricot said...

i love the idea of the 3 positives too. hoping for some while before snatching happens here!


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