Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've joined Facebook

Don't I have enough to do?! Good fun I must admit, but there's so much on there to play with it could take up the whole evening!

Boiler man came today for his (hopefully) final visit. I'm dreading the bill. We've had to replace about 4 or 5 things now but boy, was it worth it. I had this stupid smile on my face and was jumping for joy when he showed me the new pressure on our kitchen hot water tap. It only went down a little when he turned on the bathroom tap at the same time - result! There's a good chance I'll be able to enjoy baths again now, and the shower is positively power-shower in comparison.

Took an hour out from gingerbread house assembling this morning to watch a Chinook doing a long flying and shooting display over the marsh. We even remembered to take the binoculars this time so we had a fabulous close up view, even of the two army guys sitting at the back! Sparked a little learning on the speed of sound and light, as we'd see the smoke from the bullets long before we'd heard the firing.

Delivered cards and small gifts to our two neighbours and had nice long chin-wags with them. Much overdue. Also met a lady who's on a new community committee who came collecting goodies for a raffle at a do on Friday. I gave her a couple of Christmassy bits that I'd made last year when I had good intentions of starting my mini craft website/shop. She was pretty impressed and has asked that I try to do more and perhaps start up some kind of co-operative with other crafters, preserve makers, gardeners etc., in the village. She's trying to start a gardening business and was keen to hear that Katie may be interested in helping her. All sounding very positive.

I feel 2009 is going to be a positive year for us all.



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