Monday, December 15, 2008

Hansel and Gretel

For our Christmas notebook this week we're looking at the fairtale of Hansel & Gretel. Found a lovely version to read to Katie and Ben on this website featuring Grimm's tales, but then found this Rik Mayall vid here - he read it 200% better than me, so much so that Ben wanted to watch it again!

We found some useful worksheets and pictures here; Ben chose to print out the ginger bread house with all it's fiddly bits and bobs so he could decorate it. I've asked the children to produce character boards for Hansel, Gretel, the witch and the house by the end of the week. Katie's made a start on Hansel and Gretel and so far they look very imaginative. We did this a year or so ago about fairies, and I was really pleased with the thought and effort put in to it.

Today we started making a gingerbread house using a recipe from the Daily Mail magazine that had huge amounts of ingredients - 1kg of flour, 450g honey, 350g sugar! Quite amazed to see there's no actual ginger in the recipe, just 8 teaspoons of mixed spice as well as almonds and hazelnuts. Sounds yum though. We've ended up with enough dough to make two houses. It's now sitting in the fridge waiting to be rolled and cut into shape tomorrow.


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At 7:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for that link to Rik Mayall - I remember it being on telly but I missed it for some reason - so great to finally see it! :) xx

At 8:47 am, Blogger Emma said...

Gingerbread house sounds lovely!! Will have to google it!

I love the story of Hansel and Gretel. That's a really good idea to do storyboards. I might give it a shot with my two.

At 8:08 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Emma, I'll post up the recipe as it came out really well and tasted fabulous. Elle


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