Sunday, December 21, 2008

Acts of kindness

I was reading a post about an act of kindess on Harmony Art's blog recently and thought how lovely some people can be to do a random kind thing like hand over a free cup of coffee from one of these rather posh outlets. Anyway, yesterday we experienced a random act of kindess too. It seems at the moment one thing is getting broken after another. The flush mechanism on our toilet decided to bust a couple of evenings ago. P and I poked around, proded and scratched out heads, we couldn't work out what bit had disappeared (and where to) to stop the thing from actually flushing.

We headed off to a DIY store yesterday in order to try and find a similar flushing do-dah which P wasn't too confident about fitting. By chance we spotted a similar flush system on one of their toilet set ups and we had a bit of a peak inside the cistern! We quickly saw that the piece missing is a 1cm grey square that must have pinged off and fallen down the flush tube into the toilet. Typical! We were going to have to fork out £15 for a whole new do-dah just to replace this 1cm bit. I decided to mention our predicatment to the sales guy who promptly said he'd see if there were any spare 1cm grey bits that we could have (a kind act in itself). After much searching he couldn't find one, but did find a whole replacement cistern (which he said was £18), and told us he'd open it up and take the part out for us, letting us walk away with our much needed 1cm do-dah free of charge. There are lots of thoughtful people out there - he was one of them.

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At 5:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that story from Barb's blog was wonderful--but your's is just as good! I love those random acts of kindness!


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