Monday, October 02, 2006

A day in photos

Captured some of the events of the day in photos ... here we go.

After our normal maths "work" first thing, we did a collage using faces and objects taken from the newspaper. This is because we found out that yesterday was National Newspaper Day! We had some fun with this:

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Bs theme was "snooker" (so I'm not sure why there's a car in it)

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Ks theme was "bored" - obviously what she thought of the activity! We especially liked the headless person top left (with added gorey blood!)

After this, B did some work on this Star Wars project. He's done some lovely drawings of AT-AT and other characters, which we scanned so that he could cut and paste them into his project. He also used Wikepedia to find snippets of information to boost the written side of his work.

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K started making another model horse jump for the forthcoming Utterly Horses Live Show.

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On Saturday we browsed around a new shop in town that sold cut price books and art materials and found, lurking all by itself in a corner, a rather nice magnetic mosiac board. It took us most of the afternoon to tear off all the different colour mosiacs before any play could begin and we've all had a bash at being creative. K and B had a little play this morning during a lull in "work".

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B's creative work

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K's horse jump!

Camera was abandoned for a short while after this due to some petty quarrels amoung K and B. B has been quite tearful and grumpy today and has started sneezing too! I'm hoping it won't develop any further and that it's just his three new teeth coming through (he looks so gappy at the mo).

While B was busy burning off energy by jumping on the sofas in the living room, K found the Oidz that P had bought on Saturday. For those unfamiliar with Oidz they are two oval shaped magnets that you throw in the air to experience a rather loud buzzing sound as they attract to each other - here's a website about them. Sounds strange but they're quite compelling. Here's a rather weird photo of K throwing the Oidz.

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After a lovely family lunch we head off to the ice rink for an hour on the slippery stuff with the local HE group.

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P and B managing to stay upright!

By the time we'd reached home it was close to 4 o'clock and the kids are then allowed to have their 2 hours of fun on the PC (and I can have a rest and do some housework!!!). B played with his Lego Loco, a Star Wars game and an online pinball. K went on her model horse forums to chat and gaze longingly at all those model horses she "needs" in her collection!

As a treat, we bought a lovely curry from Sainsbury's for dinner. Wasn't too sure whether to delight my readers with this lovely photo of K enjoying her Korma, but here it is anyway! She's always been a messy eater, but this is the first time I'd witnessed this kind of "foaming at the mouth"! During our meal we discussed Ramadhan and the month of fasting and how well disciplined the Muslims are to honour this tradition. We all agreed it would be a good exercise for us as a family to do a fast for one or two days to experience this (but we haven't as yet set a date - will keep you informed!).

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So on that messy note I bid you goodnight!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


At 9:35 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

LOL @ K's Korma!! :-))

You seem to have been very busy! Have just come back from holiday and been doing a catchup read on here. How did you find out it was national newspaper day? You always seem to know when it's all sorts of interesting days of this and that!

Oh, and thank you for the Harry Potter Happy Child link! Emily hasn't seen that one so she'll be very chuffed.

At 9:47 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

At the beginning of each week I check out three interactive calendars to see what's going on, they are:-

Glad you liked the Harry Potter site and hope you all had a lovely holiday. Elle


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