Monday, September 01, 2008

Where has August gone?

August has been mad. Every weekend full, lots going on etc., etc. and no "me" time to blog fully.

To tell you the truth I still haven't really got my blog hat on. We're all feeling a little down, having lost our good friends to Scotland at the end of last week. I feel particularly sorry for Katie who, due to our house move last year, she doesn't have as much contact with one friend, then another moved West, and now her final good friend (in her group of three) has moved North! Ben has lost two friends from the same families. Ho hum, we need to get out and track down new HE children (preferrable horse mad ones).

Said family moving to Scotland stayed with us for their final week in Lincolnshire! Parents and eldest in our tents and the other two children sleeping in with Katie and Ben. It was a fun, happy, busy time, people coming and going, lots of laughter, lots of playing and it seems very quiet this week without them. You shall be missed!

Anyway, sadness pushed aside. Other things we've been up to:

We've enjoyed summer BBQs, a christening get together and friends visiting.

Katie and Ben finished participating in the free Pets at Home sessions on small pets, fish and wildlife and received their certificates and a host of stickers plus learnt lots of new things, especially about fish (such as they enjoy frozen peas and de-seeded cucumber!).

A proud moment when Ben decided he take part, by himself, in a tennis activity morning run by the local council. He was very confident about the whole thing until the actual morning, but 1/2 hour of tears and tantrums upon waking and then he was fine, staying the whole morning and making friends very quickly. Katie went along with her friends to a rock climbing/lazer archery day run by the same people, and she came away with a certificate for the climbing. All three of us participated in a t-shirt/bag/hat decorating afternoon, again council run, which was enjoyable and we ended up with our photo in the local paper!

Katie completed three tests at the riding stables. One for points of the horse, for which she received a badge, and two ABRS (stages A & B) for which certificates are on their way.
We met up with my sister and her family at IWM Duxford for a brilliant day out. Weather was just right so we were able to picnic for lunch and wander at our own pace between the various hangars. Been lots of times before and it's always a favourite venue for us, but each time it seems just as interesting. This time there were lots of new interactive exhibitions to learn all about flight which kept the children, and adults, amused for quite a while. Saw our favourite planes - Harrier, Vulcan, B52, Lancaster among others and watched a Hurricane do several fly pasts during the day.
What makes a helicopter stay off the ground? Visit Duxford to find out!!
Land Warfare hangar with some excellent real life displays.

My next post is all about our new arrival, another fab thing that happened in August!

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