Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Musical Monday

There's lots going on at the mo and I'll post a catch up when things have settled a little. Just as a teaser ... we have a kitten to add to our fast growing list of pets. That's it now - no more ... except perhaps a new rabbit later in the year to keep Billy company! I haven't completely decided yet so haven't mentioned it to anyone else in the family.

Anyway, I'm always late in posting our Musical Monday. We do listen to the music on the Monday, I just forget to post about it!

Ben received a fab harmonica for his birthday and loves making tunes on it so this week we endeavoured to find some interesting harmonica playing on You Tube. Browsed for a while, but nothing really struck a chord, although we came across a harmonica duo of the "Hovis" advert section of the New World Symphony. Not impressed enough to link to it though! Found some harmonica jazz too, but eventaully settled for one of the movements played by the Dublin Philharmonic of the New World. We're going to listen again over the week so will link to them next Monday.

scaredy cat.



At 10:18 am, Blogger HelenHaricot said...

we nearly chose from the new world as well, as classic fm had played it a lot whilst we were in arran!


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