Friday, August 08, 2008

The W family visited!

Had a great time last weekend as my cousin came to stay with her hubby and two girls (nearly 5 and 9). They spent most of Saturday travelling up to us from "down South" but arrived mid afternoon which was fine as the weather had perked up by then! We spent most of the time outside in just perfect warmth with a bit of a breeze so everyone stayed reasonably snug, rather than scortching hot like the majority of last week! The children all got on fabulously and us adults were able to spend lots of time catching up (it had been a year since we'd last met). Lots of trampoline play and woollie making!

Original plan was for our visitors to camp outside on Saturday, but the weather from Thursday afternoon onwards had turned much cooler, very windy and pretty wet too so we had to quickly make other sleeping arrangements. Although the weather decided to behave in the end, we still gently moved Ben out of his room for the night and the "W" family moved in with the adults in the bunk beds and the children on blow-ups on the floor.

We were hoping for a quiet Saturday evening in the garden, drinking wine and eating nibbles enjoying more adult time chatter, but we had to laugh as the local pub had one of its local band nights. These are usually quite good, and quite enjoyable to listen too when sitting outside of an evening. However, on this occasion it was by far the worst ever rock tribute band with screeching voices and ultra loud music. To cap it all it didn't stop at 11 as is usual, but went on until midnight with revellers hanging around well into the early hours. Didn't go down too well with our guests who thought our talk of a "very peaceful area" was a little over the top! They also hoped to see perfect clear skies in order to get a fab view of the stars, but the clouds did their job of mucking that up! They did manage to see a number of satallites fly past though and a rather eerie low flying jet that's not the norm after dark for around here!

Thanks for coming to see us D, P, H and L. Hope you have a fab 5th birthday L!



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