Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cute furry beings at Pets at Home

Took a trip to our "local" Pets at Home this afternoon to take part in their rabbits and guinea pigs "Get Set for Summer" workshop. I don't think they were expecting anyone to turn up (you didn't need to book) as the session was from 2 p.m. and we enquired at the checkout as to where we should meet and the guy was surprised to see some interest! In fact he telephoned the necessary person in charge and I heard him say, "no seriously, there is a family here for you"! Anyway, a couple of other families turned up too and the session was fun and interesting. We all had a hold of a couple of very young guinea pigs which restored my faith in them (we've had bad luck with guinea pigs in our family) and found out useful information on rabbits to help us with Billy, who continues to be allergic to either his surroundings, us or his hay! The two in charge decided to show us some other furry pets too (this should have happened on the next workshop really). We found out about the Degu (which Katie has her eye on) and that they are related to the Chinchilla (which Ben has his eye on), and Katie had a hold of a darling male rat (which she also has her eye on!). The rat's tail was really strong; used for balance and support apparently. We met a variety of hamsters - dwarf, Chinese, Syrian etc. The dwarf ones were really funny; tiny, tiny and full of beans.

Anyway, I think Katie has been wishing for a pair of Degu for a while, but may be slightly sidetracked for the adorable rats. We shall see! I'm sure something along these lines may appear on her Christmas list. The children had previously picked up work books for these sessions which they'd completed at home, so they finished off the workshop by doing a quizz and received handouts, certificates and stickers.

A fun afternoon and I see they're happy to do free "school" tours if anyone needs ideas for their HE group.

Still scortching hot today! Did our monthly nature study and noticed the outside temperature reached 30.1 deg. C. around 11ish.



At 10:49 am, Blogger The Swift Clan said...

I remember hearing about this too, but haven;t managed to get to one yet!! Really need to get myself organised as I know the kids would love it! Thanks for the reminder!

At 5:25 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

I have to admit I didn't know what a degu was, and had to look at your link - at first glance on the wikipedia page it looked like it had two heads, so I did a bit of a double take there! They sound like they'd be a very interesting addition to your menagerie!

I answered you question about Latin in the comments over on my blog; thanks for visiting, I've been a bit behind on reading blogs recently but I've spent a lovely half an hour just now catching up with your news :-)

At 7:08 pm, Blogger stefndawniy said...

hiya , sounds brill - you know we're animal mad here.
have you seen the sugar gliders? oooh bless :)

At 6:23 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Ooooohh Dawny, they are just so cute. Katie naturally adored the pictures! Guess we need to venture to Aussie now! Elle


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