Monday, October 01, 2007

Apple picking in the autumn sunshine

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Went along to Sandringham yesterday to go apple picking on the Queen's estate (now doesn't that sound posh). The weather was so lovely and warm, after all that freezing cold (let's miss autumn and move straight onto winter) weather we've been experiencing. We packed a picnic and headed to Norfolk.
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Ashamed to say, we'd never ventured to Sandringham before, even though it isn't too far from us now or even from our old address. A friend of ours constantly recommended the country park for it's beautiful woods and I can see why now. Anyway, after some grub we headed for the apple trees and filled a bag and a half with the most delicious cox apples. We were also lucky enough to find a discarded wooden crate with "Royal Fruit Farms, Sandringham, Norfolk" printed on it which will do nicely for storing all the apples, although with at least two mega apple eaters here, they won't last that long!

We moved on a little further (it's a big estate) to the country park and took in the freshness and Christmassy aroma of the tall Scott's Pines (our pines in the garden apparently come from here). We had a good time wandering through the woods, checking out the wood carvings near the play area, shopping at the visiting Farmer's Market (and buying some chilli stuffed olives which made Ben's face instantly turn bright red, poor love) and browsing the plants, trees and seeds to keep Katie happy.
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Certainly a return visit will be on the cards with perhaps a tour of the house too next time.
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At 7:26 pm, Blogger Casdok said...

You take lovely pictures

At 9:46 pm, Blogger thenewstead6 said...

sounds like a fab day out!

thanks for visiting Samuel's blog; its really sweet of you to take the time, and it has really encouraged him. x

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