Monday, September 10, 2007

Ideas for the time being ...

This is really just for my benefit in case, like the other day, P's computer decides to die again and I lose all my (and everyone elses) hard work and ideas. My PC is on a network with his, so my documents are saved to be accessible from both PCs.

Daily numeracy using work books and other materials as required.

Daily handwriting practise using the cursive writing guide. Also copying of small poems and literature to strengthen hand muscles (most of our work up until now has been typed) and develop neat handwriting. (cursive writing) (monthly poems, really lovely)

Literacy which in my opinion is used daily anyway in the written/typed work for other subjects, but will include imaginative story writing (for both), completing the RaW (for Ben) and updating websites (Katie) to include her Woollie pony tutorials. Plenty of reading too individually and together (finish Dr. Dolittle).

History - Titanic - lapbook + visit to museum to see the exhibition and take part in a drama session. I won't list the websites here as they'll go on and on, but there's lots of brilliant ones available to learn all about this tragic subject. Also using DK Titanic book - very informative. We shall include fashion of the first class passengers, menus, information on ice bergs and produce some unusual ice berg art, study and plot the route on a map, understanding how boats float and are stable, make a boat/scene, write an SOS using morse code, write a newspaper article and a postcard home.

Geography - discover a little more about the places we visit, plot them, together with a post card, on the UK map. Katie has requested that we learn more about Italy - lots of hands on things to help us here like pasta making, etc., etc. Learn about map reading with the help of Ordnance Survey. Many thanks to Lucy for posting about free maps for 11 year olds. Although Katie's not quite there yet we were able to order our maps and we've just been pouring over them studying our local area in more depth. Looking forward to doing more with this. Here's the website: (lots to do + how to order your free maps for 11 year olds).

Science - more on space (see music) and also learn more about how we power our homes etc. Visits to a local wind farm and a power station are on the group list for this term.

Music and Art - have decided to start doing a bit of music appreciation. We'll start with the lovely Planet Suite by Holst and include some art, literacy and science. Piano practise too for Ben can come under this topic! Art will crop up in our other topics but there will certainly be lots of other arts and crafts happening. Katie to finish her little craft projects that seem to get left - making her small black horse, embroidery on her shoulder bag.

Phew - I'll keep you posted on how we get on!

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At 4:30 pm, Blogger Bridget said...

Cheers, I've gone to a couple of the websites quoted and they're helpful, particarly the RAW one.

At 6:07 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thanks Bridget. Ben is really enjoying the RaW booklet, it is so well presented. Elle


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